Office Automation

Providing Innovative Solutions for Critical Printing Components

Ames utilizes its expertise in office automation, dating back to the typewriter and high output electrophotographic imaging (Xerography). Ames continues to supply leaders in the industry with high performance roller applications.
In this application, elastomers are pushed to the limits of their functional capabilities. High dynamic stress at high temperatures presents a challenge to even the most advanced elastomer available.
image of roller for office automation
image of roller for office automation
image of roller for office automation
elastomer for office automation

Fusing Products For Modern Printing And Copying Machines

Ames Processing Capabilities

Flow Coating

Ames Materials

Polymer blends

Ames Fuser Construction

Multi-layer Silicone/Fluoropolymer
Multi-layer Silicone/Fluoroelastomer

Ames is a leader in the development and manufacturing of fusing products for today’s high-speed digital printing and copying machines. The demand for higher performance materials and product construction challenges the existing state-of art technology and requires novel approaches leading to fusing solutions for the various OEM systems

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