Providing Solutions for the Medical and Healthcare Industries

Ames has a long heritage servicing the medical and pharmaceutical industries, whether it be the development of high purity medical grade silicone tubing (reinforced and non-reinforced) or the use of unique connectors. Today we provide elastomeric solutions from molded mats for sterile operating room environments to the dental dams used in dental procedures. Ames is committed to meeting the ever-evolving needs of this industry.

Meeting the changes in technology

Elastomeric Solutions for Medical Industry

As medical and healthcare sciences advance, its technology needs to change as well. Ames can help meet the changing needs of the industry with high-grade silicone sealing systems and components that increase reliability and functionality while reducing cost

Precision where it matter most

Elastomeric Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Whether creating medical diagnostic devices, feeding tubes, pumps or micro-miniature components, the engineers at our Design Solutions Center will match job requirements to the best selection of materials and processes available. Ames specializes in meeting exacting specifications for components of any shape or composition.

Cost Control

Cost Control of Silicone Tubing for Medical Use

Ames silicone sealing systems and components help reduce the cost of new technology in many ways, from the affordability of the basic materials and reduction of waste in manufacturing, to the long-term savings gained over time from long-lasting, well-functioning parts

Quality to Meet the Demands

Components made with Class VI medical silicone manufactured in our clean rooms help products meet the most stringent testing required.

The well-documented durability of Ames products improves performance reliability while reducing replacement costs.

Ames coating and molding processes are uniquely advanced and customizable, allowing the superb fit between components that makes clean up and sanitation more thorough

Well-functioning components are safer for both the patients relying on them and the healthcare staff who put them in use.

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