Ames has a wide knowledge base that goes beyond specialized markets such as roller fusing, aerospace coatings, and complex injection molding. We are also highly experienced in developing industrial elastomers for many applications
We provide unique solutions in any application where elastomeric compounds are required. Whether it’s a simple compression molding or developing unique elastomeric coatings in industrial application, we have a solution to fit your requirements.
Complex Injection Molding
Roller Fusing
Roller Fusing - Industrial Elastomers
Complex Injection Molding - Industrial Elastomers
In any industrial application, we can work with a variety of elastomers and any structural design needed. Provide us with your elastomeric challenge and your industrial applications and we will provide you with a solution.
From challenges in finalizing prints to meeting the demanding manufacturing needs of your concept, Ames will work with you to provide a functional high-end product.

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