Alternative Energy

Helping Alternative Energy Manufacturers Meet the Needs of a Growing Market

Where elastomers are used in the Energy marketplace, Ames is making its presence known. Whether it’s as simple as converting elastomeric solutions for Solar installation slip sheets or patenting unique sealing solution in proton exchange membrane [PEM] hydrogen fuel cells, Ames is providing answers.
We continue to expand capabilities in thermal management of lithium ion battery cells which will be the future of battery storage.

Wind Turbines:

Using the same rigorous standards employed for aviation industry components, Ames produces Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) seals and Gas Diffusion Layers (GDLs) seals designed precisely for their purpose. Heat resistant, erosion resistant, and ice-phobic Ames elastomeric seals enhance the performance and life of turbines in even the most inhospitable environments.

Solar Panels:

Bipolar plate seals and Proton Exchange Membrane seals work more efficiently and last longer when created to the exacting standards of quality and customization Ames is known for. Ames also creates highly durable precision molded parts, protective coatings, and dispensed gaskets, which can all serve to protect solar panel components from the elements.

Meeting Demand:

The world’s energy demands continue to increase, and markets around the globe are seeking sustainable fuel alternatives. At Ames, we’re constantly developing new technologies to support these efforts


The precision of the AMESSeal delivery system permits gaskets in an infinite number of complex patterns, but does not carry any upfront tooling or mold costs. Ames’ patented method of applying multiple layers of elastomers offers unparalleled flexibility in meeting our customers’ specific sealing needs

Cost saving

The cost of gaskets decreases when material waste is eliminated and gasket assembly costs are lowered. The renowned Ames quality standards also guarantee a longer life for the Proton Exchange Membrane seals or high temperature seal components, further reducing overall costs. Decreasing costs while improving the quality and reliability of fuel cells helps to advance the technology overall, and the sales of specific products in particular.

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