Providing Customized Elastomer Coatings for Aerospace and Aircraft Components.

Working with several aerospace programs and manufacturers, Ames has developed an expertise in the application and formulation of several erosion-resistant elastomeric coatings for aerospace and aircraft components. AMESShield is the result of years of research and is becoming a widely accepted aircraft elastomeric coating designed to protect aircraft propulsion systems, as well as airframe components.

Extreme Quality for Extreme Conditions

Erosion Protection Coating

Whether caused by sand, foreign objects, or rain, impact erosion is a constant concern in the aerospace industry. AMESShield provides a multi-functional solution that combines both material science as well as the system dynamics, yielding a total solution to erosion protection.

Ice Phobic Coating

AMESShield systems are also considered an excellent ice-phobic elastomeric coating. Ice adhesion testing reveals that the AMESShield process yielded ice adhesion results that were significantly less than competing coating materials. This ability to shed ice in a passive system can have a significant impact on reducing the requirements for other active anti-icing systems such as bladders or electro-thermal technologies.

High Temperatures

AMESShield is applied in a very controlled and uniform manner, in a way that provides superior adhesion to ensure permanence under the harshest condition. The AMESShield system can be tailored to exposure to various chemicals, including salt spray, jet fuel, and propylene glycol without impacting the ice adhesion results. This type of protection is unique in the industry.

AMESShield for Complete Control

Whether it’s for a premium ice-phobic elastomeric coating with the ability to shed ice at significantly lower pressure levels than the alternatives while providing a superior high temperature service lie, or just providing outstanding erosion protection for your existing de-icing system; AMESShield leads the way by using a variety of material systems such as silicone, fluorosilicone, fluoroelastomer and fluoropolymers whether alone or in combination.

Taking Care of your Manufacturing Needs

Our facility is unique in its accommodation of spray technology. Especially for those systems that stand apart from standard technologies like the spraying of silicones. Combined with a wide range of surface preparation, bonding, and precision molding capabilities we’re sure to be able to offer the complete solution to your product needs.

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