Ames Rubber Corporation has provided design engineers with innovative, cost-effective solutions for almost 70 years. From the aerospace and automotive industries, where protective coatings and elastomer technology are vital, to office automation and alternative energy markets, where seals and rollers are key, Ames has materials and material applications expertise and passion to grow that leads the way. Ames know-how and expertise with Elastomeric Materials and Process Technologies to Meet Exacting Requirements and provide critical components to high-end and demanding partners everywhere: earth, air and space.

We are seeking a Process Engineer in our Hamburg, NJ headquarters to handle the following:


  • Utilizes the Bill of Materials regarding materials required for the job being set-up and started.
  • Sets-up all support and auxiliary equipment need for the job to be produced.
  • Starts-up and trouble-shoots all production machines, secondary, and auxiliary     equipment in any given area of the production department.
  • Programs new job set-ups for processes and auxiliary equipment as necessary.
  • Submits first article products for quality approval along with all necessary paperwork.
  • Documents and revises all set-up process sheets after every new job is started. Logs any changes throughout an entire run a necessary.
  • Optimizes productivity and utilization the best level possible.
  • Assist any of the Operators and/or Mold Setup Technicians, Utility Operators, or Quality Assurance needs to aid in the safety and quality of the operations being performed.
  • Maintains housekeeping and cleanliness of the production department as established by management.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (ME) in Engineering from an accredited college or university preferred.
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of related work experience in related area, preferably in rubber product manufacturing problem solving.
  • Knowledge of machine operations, process troubleshooting and strong mechanical ability.
  • Manages all safety regulations including reporting of unsafe conditions, wearing PPE, etc.
  • Knowledge of elastomeric materials and understanding material characteristics as they relate to manufacturing.

Must be a US citizen or have the ability to obtain legal US citizenship status.



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