Who We Are

Ames Corp. has provided engineers with innovative and cost-effective solutions since 1949. From the aerospace and automotive industries, where protective coatings and elastomeric technologies are vital, to office automation and alternative energy markets, where seals and rollers are key, Ames has materials, material applications expertise, and passion to grow that leads the way.

Ames has the know-how and expertise with elastomeric materials and process technologies to meet the exacting requirements and provide critical components to high-end and demanding partners everywhere: earth, air, and space.

Ames’ value is in the precise combination between capabilities, know-how, experience, expertise, and our customer-centric approach.

Ames Goal

Vision: Ames seeks to grow by continuing to be a leading provider of critical elastomeric components in current market segments, as well as growing into new and emerging markets.

Mission: With our talented and engaged workforce, we develop innovative elastomeric chemistries by utilizing various processes and equipment to meet rigorous and demanding customer needs. We are a high-performance organization focused on continuing to develop and hone our skills in an ever-evolving environment.

Quality Policy: Ames is committed to the continual improvement of its quality management system to meet ever evolving market needs.

Market Segments

What We Do

Chemists and Engineers developing elastomeric compounds and engineering processes to enhance precise parts.

Ames provides a unique combination of extensive elastomeric process knowledge and innovative developments in material application technology.

We are experts in composite bonding and tailor-made specialty coatings such as icephobic robotic spray coating.

Ames specializes in a variety of elastomeric polymers bonded to metal or plastic inserts (Overmolding).

We leverage our vast experience for inspecting and state-of-the-art testing equipment combined with a strict quality management practice to better meet your needs.

Our attention to detail and ability to work with extremely complex composite material structures and processes are differentiating us from the crowd.


Ames Rubber Corporation was founded by the Ames family to manufacture typewriter platens for Ames Supply , a long standing Company which was a major supplier of parts and service to the typewriter industry. This is the first of many examples in which Ames developed a new material, a synthetic rubber, to meet the specific needs of a particular marketplace.


Ames became recognized as a leader in the development and manufacture of a variety of rubber rollers including paper transport rollers, photoreceptors, and fusing system rollers. Within these applications, Ames continued to expand its precision molding capabilities, particularly in its ability to insert mold various elastomers to metal core materials.


Ames expanded its market base to the automotive market through the manufacture of CV joint boots for use in the newly introduced front wheel drive automobiles. Once again, unique materials and processes were needed to meet this market’s demands for a cost- effective solution with zero defects, and high durability to withstand exposure to extreme elements.


Ames adopted Excellence Through Total Quality Process, based on the Xerox process Leadership Through Total Quality. This program revolved around continuous improvement of all processes, particularly as they relate to customer satisfaction. This process resulted in tremendous improvements in product quality, cost, on-time delivery and overall customer service.


Ames dedication to the Total Quality Process is reflected in its pursuit and ultimate winning of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1993. It was this strong commitment to quality which drew the attention of several of the larger manufacturers of Gas Masks.


Ames continued to focus on our commitment to total quality in the first decade of the new millennium. We continued to push the limits of silicone and began work on fuel cell technology. Despite a downturn in the economy in 2008, we continued to hire and expand our operations.


Ames forayed deeper into the medical technology market. Designing, developing, and manufacturing connective technology, non-reactive fluid transport, containment, and sampling solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. It manufactured silicone tubing for pharmaceutical and bio-tech applications, including peristaltic pumps, a range of hoses for medical and food applications, a line of molded components, including custom gaskets, molded connections, unions and manifolds, stoppers, and bottle top assemblies, weather tubing, and assemblies. The company’s products also comprised reusable sanitary connectors, stainless steel sanitary crimp fittings, and non-metallic molded silicone fittings in various sizes.